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August 2016 Edition
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Note from Judi

Are we really in the month of August already? Summer is flying by and half the year is officially over. This is a truly special month at the spa. This is when we ask you to help us fundraise for the Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation. You have helped in the past and I really hope you continue to do so. We will be doing a raffle this time with two great prizes.

This is also the month I bring my oldest to college in Tampa. It will be strange to only have three daughters at home.

I hope you enjoy this month’s e-zine as it is packed with great specials and some exciting new treatments. Stay cool and I hope to see you at the spa soon.

Look better, feel better, and live better,

Judi Swain

The team @ Glam Spa

PS: Pinelopi is leaving for vacation August 24th for three weeks. Make sure you schedule with her before she leaves.

Events at a Glance

Jamie Hulley FoundationWe have two great raffle prizes when you donate to the Jamie Hulley Foundation this month.

A $10 donation enters you for a chance to win a gift basket worth $300. (This basket includes the new Mia Fit cleansing brush).

A $20 donation enters you for a chance to win (4) facials plus the service of your choice. (If the Perfector is chosen, this is a $700 value!)

Thank you in advance for making this the best year ever and for realizing how important art is and what it means to keep it in all of our schools.

Featured Article

Your Eyes Say It All

Eye LashesDid you know stylish brows and lashes trends go as far back as ancient Egypt? Women wore makeup and enhanced their eyebrows and eyelashes for centuries — from Marilyn Monroe to Brooke Shields, to Gwen Stefani and many others. Now the big trend is eyelash extensions. Everyone wants these long full lashes.

Audrey Hepburn said, “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”

So what can you do to make your eyes more beautiful?

Here are some tips to help you have beautiful arches and eyelashes!

Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows!

  1. You need a certified brow technician to shape your eyebrows. There is a lot to consider when shaping your eyebrows. You can go to someone who uses wax, threading, or simply a tweezer. No matter the method, you want to go to someone who knows the art behind creating just the right arch for your face. Don’t shop by price. It’s not about price — it’s about expertise. Remember when the news broke out on how much Oprah pays? $700 to have her perfect arch!
  2. Once you have the perfect shape, you will need to use an eyebrow pencil to enhance your arch. Your makeup artist should help you select the right color and educate you about the best way to use it.
  3. Tools you will need to maintain your brows: an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, and an eyebrow conditioner.
  4. Maintain your eyebrows on a regular basis by visiting the spa at least once per month to have your brows reshaped and maintained at all times.

Tips for Beautiful Lashes!

  1. There are products available to lengthen and strengthen your lashes. Products such as Latisse can be purchased at medi spas and Revitalash can be purchased at day spas. They are great options to make your lashes look fuller and longer.
  2. You can get lash extensions. You will need to commit to this process or your lashes will not look good. Once you start with the extensions you need to maintain them by going in to the medi spa for refills.
  3. If extensions are not one of your options, you can always purchase a great mascara, one that will give your lashes fuller and longer appearance.
  4. You can also tint your lashes to give them a fuller and longer effect.

So go ahead, choose the ideal options for you and start batting your eyelashes!

Join all the woman and men who are focusing on making their brows and lashes look better than ever! Reserve a consultation with Glam Spa and let us help you look your best!

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