Specialty Facials

Hawaiian Hydration Facial
Fresh from the topics, Hawaiian Hydration Facial is finally here! An exotic blend of jackfruit, kukui, and macadamia nuts will exfoliate, soften and nourish the skin with essential fatty acids and jojoba esters to soften, moisturize and brighten the skin. Jackfruit enzymes contain turmeric, bisabolol, and astaxanthin which are anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm skin, reducing irritation and sensitization. The kukui and Macadamia nourishing mask contains flower extracts of chamomile, plumeria, and orchids which provide moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.

Pineapple Honey Signature Facial
Pineapple enzyme delivers bromelain, which provides a gentle softening and brightening exfoliation. Pineapple is full of Vitamin C, which helps stimulate collagen synthesis and delivers age correcting antioxidants. The golden honey mask is an exceptional emollient mask that provides healing, protection, and skin renewal. A delicious afterglow is guaranteed!

The Patriotic Facial
This facial continues to be a fan favorite. It is our red, white and blue facial. The treatment includes 2 fruit enzymes and a hydrating Gogi berry mask. We start with a Cherry enzyme to exfoliate and brighten the skin. We then follow with the blueberry enzyme. This powerful smoothie is a perfect anti-aging treatment that produces a healthy glow. This facial concludes with an application of the sweet gogi berry mask. This mask firms the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves elasticity. This facial includes the glo-wand skin device for added lift and product absorption.

Lift & Sculpt Décolletage, Neck & Jawline Treatment

(1) $125
(Buy 3, Get 1 Free) $375
This new treatment addresses an aging neck. Treatment starts with a mild peel. Next we use our newest device. This little machine can provide deep product penetration and toning. It uses radio frequency and ultrasound to target fat cells and collagen fibers. The treatment includes a neck mask that helps to reduce the appearance of sagging and infusing the skin with peptides and collagen.

MicroCurrent Eye Treatment

(1) $75
(Buy 3 Get 1 Free) $225
This treatment provides deep hydration, plumping, and tightening of the delicate eye area. We then add micro current. Micro current: increases collagen production, reduce fine lines and crow’s feet, improve dark circles, tighten crepey skin, firm eye bags & lids, and lift brows


(1) $199
(5) $625
(10) $999
One session is equal to approximately 300 sit-ups. FDA approved, Arasys uses unique faradic waveform technology based on the Pacemaker to smoothly pulse desired muscles and burn fat (like isometric exercise). The Arasys is a nerve communicator designed to speed muscle building and inch loss in a fraction of the time needed at the gym. Results are equivalent to, and last as long as, strenuous exercise. Arasys treatments detoxify and improve circulation, leaving you with an overall sense of well-being, with no down time or negative side effects.

M’Lis Body Contour Wraps

M’lis wraps use circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste materials from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed at the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss of up to 14 inches, while improving general health, nourishing the skin, and contouring the soft areas of the body.
M’lis Body Wraps Are Back!!
Regular Price $155
July 2024 Special
(1) $140
(3) $399
(6) $749

Benefits of M’lis Body Wraps
Detox body wraps can work wonders on your skin. Not only are these wraps relaxing and rejuvenating, but they also offer a host of beauty and health benefits.

M’lis Body Contour Benefits
Provides cellulite reduction through detoxifying body cleansing
Benefits are immediate and the inch loss is real
Addresses the real causes of cellulite in a holistic way
Warm, luxurious, pampering and comfortable
Not a water loss wrap – skin and body stay hydrated
Inch loss is permanent
If you are interested in improving the appearance of cellulite, tightening your skin, inch loss and detoxifying in just one session, this treatment is for you. Wraps are best done in a series of 3-6 and the accompanying detox will enhance results dramatically.

Monthly Packages

Facial Packages
3 Featured Specialty Facials $599 (value $865)
4 Signature Facials $480 (value $675)
Includes one Specialty Facial Upgrade

Massage Packages
4 Swedish Massages $399 (value $440)
4 Deep Tissue/Hot Stone $480 (value $520)